Welcome to Nsoroma Academy for Holistic Thought

Academy Learning Guide, Founder and Program Director, Kenyatta Macon-Moon


We are a private-independent school* serving children from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 6. We are enthusiastically committed to being a part of the change in the consciousness of our local and global community. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with who we are through our philosophy, mission and purpose statement. We look forward to partnering with dedicated parents, supportive community members and mission driven allies, committed to providing our children with a consistent, healthy and exceptional learning environment.          


Please Note: As of August, 2017, Nsoroma is accepting applications for our wait-list and for community programming. To request an application, please email:



With Love & Gratitude,

Kenyatta Macon-Moon, Founder & Director


*Nsoroma Academy holds it's accreditation from the Maryland State Department of Education as an independent private school.




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