Our Practice

The First step to understanding our program is to understand how we view the word holism:

HOLISM: (noun) the understanding that the parts of any whole connot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole.

What this means to Nsoroma: 

We must guide our children to enhance their understnading that we are connected to everything and everyone around us. In understanding this, we all take on an important role; we become the steward of LIFE through sustainability, cooperation, acceptance of differences, selflessness and self-actualization. this is our world view.

Within this world view, there are 5 tenants:

  • Opression is wrong and defeats the collective human spirit. We must seek ways to end opression and create systems that mutually benefit all living things
  • A holistic approace to education includes proper nutrition and hygiene, consistent and beneficial physical activity, challenging and stimulating mental activity, as well as the cultivation of the spiritual, moral, social and emotional self.
  • We must embrace and study traditional pratices and integrate them with modern technologies to assure sustainability of the earth, the economy and all forms of life.
  • We must vigilantly uphold moral and ethical codes of (Ma'at & Nguzo Saba) and allow them to inform our daily decisions and the choices we make throughout life.
  • No changes can be made or met by an individual until the individual has created change within self. Self-awareness and self-cultivation are methods of creating change. We must be committed to these pratices which are effective in this pursuit.



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