What is Nsoroma?

Nsoroma (in-so-RO-mah) is a Twi word (of the Akan people) which means "children of the heavens." At the very core of our existence, Nsoroma recognizes that every child is inherently good and comes to us as a unique being with individual learning styles and interests. Every child has the capacity to think, learn and achieve when given the proper stimulation, engaging opportunities for discovery and activity, and provided an environment that is supportive, consistent, and loving.

Mission & Purpose Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Nsoroma Academy for Holistic Thought is to provide a progressive, engaging and stimulating learning environment that awakens the natural genius within each child while supporting and affirming a balanced, thriving relationship with self, spirit, and community. Our learning environment fosters the development of:

  • Good character
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative expression
  • Sensitivity and respect for nature
  • An enduring love of learning and exploration
  • Positive self-awareness and a spirit of collectivism
  • Physical fitness and healthful practices


“Enriching the Mind, Developing the Body, Cultivating the Spirit ©”

We hold true to the understanding that every child is a unique being with individual learning styles and interests. Every child has the capacity to think, learn and achieve when provided the proper stimulation, engaging opportunities for discovery and activity, and an environment which is supportive, consistent and loving. We know that children are naturally curious and creative.  Our environment supports the child’s curiosity and encourages problem solving, critical thinking, and application of knowledge in lieu of a prioritization of rote memorization.

Our approach to helping children obtain their highest potential is holistic.  In addition to enriching the mind, we have made the development of the body and the cultivation of the spirit (internal/moral/higher) being an integral part of our philosophy and practice.  In addition to actively committing to beneficial nutritional practices, we engage in daily exercise, yoga, dance, meditation, traditional cultural practices, and martial arts.  In addition, we help our families cultivate healthy food and lifestyle choices, introduce natural and organic products, and promote natural healing modalities.

We have learned through extensive research that all groups benefit from enculturation (the process of learning the culture of one’s own origin and/or residence).  We further that understanding by creating a social environment that embraces African/African-American culture and the unique perspective and experiences of its descendants. In doing so, we provide the opportunity to benefit all of humanity’s children.  Simultaneously, children of African descent are deeply benefitted through enculturation as they gain the important opportunity to develop a proud awareness of self, a strong sense of value, and a truthful perspective highlighting their relevance and contributions to the world, both historically and presently.  Inclusively, we extensively research, study and experience numerous world cultures from an ethno-relative (legitimizing all cultures) perspective. We encourage and welcome families of all backgrounds, cultures and religions to join our school community to further advance our global understanding and appreciation of one another as we seek to improve the condition of our planet.   

Our Goal

Our goal is to ignite within our children the deep understanding that:

  • Each has a profound purpose in life that includes the sustaining and improvement of Iya Ile (Mother Earth)
  • Each has the capacity and expectation to enact positive social change
  • Each must work with a sense of collectivism and humility, putting positive goals and outcomes at the forefront of all actions and decisions
  • Each must engage in practices which honor the interdependence of humans, plants, animals, and natural elements
  • Each must study and practice traditional scientific methods and modalities (i.e. farming, herbalism, natural healing) and seek to restore them within our modern society
  • Each must rely on critical thinking, analysis, problem solving and good character to make sound decisions which benefit the collective in addition to self
  • Each has an obligation to learn, honor and promote the engagement of beneficial traditional practices that relate to his or her ancestry
  • Each must work to create, build and sustain businesses, institutions and programs that benefit their communities, both small and broad

In achieving these goals, we believe that we are helping to guide a new generation of world citizens whose confidence, sense of human collectivism and environmental awareness will inform their decisions as they seek to improve the condition of the world.